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hello Black veil brides fans ,
This web site is going to be about a rock band Black veil Brides.
Here is some info about the band Black veil Brides and there music carrier . In this group there are five members Andy Sixx Biersack( the vocals) ,Ashley Purdy(bass guitar,backing vocals) ,Jake Pitts (lead guitar) and Chris Coma known as cc(drums) in short and Jinxx(rhythm guitar, violin) 
But what about there life and how it began and how the the band started ,well Andy was only 18 when his rock music stated he met his mates of the band at school.
The first album of bvb was released in September 2009 by the name We stitch this Wounds then the second album Set the world on fire which was released  14 June 2011 and the last one which is famous Wretch and Divine which was  released in 2012 .
for more info will be updated later ..:)


We have been working hard on our latest performance, and invite you to join us for this journey. Come, and be entertained. We love to meet our audience, so be sure to introduce yourselves afterward!

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